A perfect pocket-knife round off a perfect meal

Sharp or not sharp, this is the anxious question concerning usual knives in nowadays restaurant businesses – your own pocket-knife may be the solution.

nesmuk pocket-knife

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Everyone knows the situation: You order a nice steak at the restaurant, but get as cutlery simply not a properly sharp knife. As the anticipation is on the juicy fleshy pleasure becomes a bit diminished – if, indeed if one does not have a folder with. Believe it or not, more and more connoisseurs go unceremoniously to her own cutlery, or at least an excellent knife to carry with you, if it goes again to the restaurant. Small and portable, it fits in any pocket, handy for discreet transport.

Granted: Of course it is absolutely commonplace in upscale restaurants to stock up guests at the table with really excellent cutlery.


Good knives in restaurants are very rare

But in many medium-sized catering establishments like this look different:

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Nothing is more annoying than a crispy pizza that you can not divide properly in pieces. Nothing spoils the appetite more than a steak which is frayed, just because it can not be cut properly. In these cases one can even speak of a bad knife, the quality of the food are detrimental. In any case, however, the satisfaction score and thus the reputation of the restaurant operation.

Sometimes it fails because of the sensitivity of the operation for the problem, sometimes simply to the options: High to buy the best cutlery in large numbers, has its price. Even the regular sharpening is cumbersome, if you do it yourself, or costly, if there be in order.

No wonder that in some high-quality gastronomy and the knife rather than for decoration are good for cutting tool first order.


Eating and cutting with pleasure – thanks to the pocket-knife

But if everything else is perfect in your favorite restaurant, then maybe it’s up to the guest to remedy the situation.

Nesmuk pocket-knifeImage-Source: nesmuk-shop.de/en/nesmuk-folder/

Either by an offensive approach in which one points waiter and owner specifically to the diameter of maladministration. Or take the reins into their own hands: namely a folding knife.

None in the traditional sense of a pocket knife, but a specially made for this purpose: Elegant in design, excellent in workmanship, exceptional in the field. The perfect accessory to take with in a restaurant.

Pocket-knives of this kind, you have to admit, do not really exist in the market. But as the manufacture Nesmuk has just dedicated to them in the most recent product line. They are so. And that’s a good thing. For style and enjoyment not only while eating, but also while cutting. The only problem: Sometimes your plates could suffer because of the sharpness.

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